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Cham Manager

Manage and develop your reservations

Whether you have 1 or 500 units, we give you everything you need to organize things the way you want, and effortlessly manage customers, reservations and OTAs. In short, find all the components of your activity in one place!

It includes basic functionalities essential to help you run your business, as well as a number of additional options that you can activate or deactivate, depending on your needs and level of development.
And it's so easy to get started!

Property Manager

Simple and elegant booking calendar & PMS (Property Management System), designed for all independent accommodation providers

Website Manager

A personalized hotel website & a booking engine to develop your direct bookings

Channel Manager

The best channel manager designed for independent hosts.

Promo Manager

Maximize your reservations, occupancy rate and income

Guest Manager

Our PMS solution to manage & retain your customers at every stage of their stay

Performance Manager

The Dashboard to control the origin of your reservations and analyze your performance at a glance

Payment Manager

A secure online payment solution compliant with PCI Level 1 Standard for hotels, lodges & vacation rentals

Owner Manager

Because your customers are not only travelers but also owners

Purchase - Sale - Rental - Concierge service in the Chamonix Valley 

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