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Saint Tropez

Cham'Concierge, also offers all its services in Saint-Tropez thanks to

Maëlle & Pierre-Henri
After years of law studies, they joined the American group Keller Williams Luxury International and then founded their own entity MPH Real Estate in Saint-Tropez in March 2020. Symbol of the art of living, MPH Real Estate specializes in luxury real estate and offers dream homes in France and abroad thanks to the group's international network.

By combining the notoriety of a great name and their know-how, Maëlle & Pierre-Henri offer you an all-inclusive tailor-made service offer for all your real estate projects up to the acquisition. From the financing plan to legal arrangements, including  luxury decoration and concierge,  they organize everything, creating contacts between you and the best in their respective fields.

We take care of anything that can be time consuming or stressful:

Booking your flights, managing your transfers, rental services, hotel reservations, private villa rentals, chalet, restaurant and club reservations, are just the tip of the iceberg.


mph real estate sttropez
Cham Concierge et Saint Tropez

For all the good addresses in Saint-Tropez

le concierge de saint tropez et conciergerie de chamonix
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